Friday, August 5, 2011

Jealousy Wakes

I missed the Bloggers Obsession Collection from MAC when it first came out, but lucky for me.. MAC released the products again! When I received the email I automatically went over to the MAC website and bought the eye-shadow, Jealousy Wakes. I received it in the mail just a couple days ago, and I decided to try it as soon as possible. This is the resulting look that I came up with! The pictures aren't great (for some reason I'm having difficulties taking good shots of my eye up close?), but I hope they do the look justice! CC is always welcome on the look! Hope you enjoy. Thanks for taking the time to pop by my blog :)


  1. The pictures do look good don't worry about that! I love this look it's awesome :)

  2. Close up shots are very tricky to get, I feel you. This is quite pretty though :)