Monday, November 7, 2011


Hello everyone!

Welcome to my new followers. Thank-you so much for following me.. it truly means so much! I've been so busy with trying to catch up with school work from when I was sick. I feel so overwhelmed! I'm sorry I haven't been posting often. I know.. I know.. I say that every time I do post, but I mean it! 

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful weekend. I know where I live, it was bright and sunny, and even warm! You'd almost think it was the spring, not the fall! 

Here's a quick look I did on my brother. 

I used my MUFE Flash Colour Palette, translucent powder to set the colour, and MAC's Fig. 1 eyeshadow gently dabbed on the nose and lips. 

I hope you enjoy this look! 

Have a fantastic week, full of smiles and laughing!

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